Pharmaceutical Plant Abi-Pharm

We delivered solution for air drying for pharmaceutical manufacturing company Abi-Pharm, located close to Tbilisi. The issue which the drier solves is a condensate removal in air distribution pipes, which constitutes a major quality threat for any manufacturing facility, and especially in pharmaceutical plants, due to a fact that condensate can create favorable environment for … Continued

Coca-Cola New Production Plant

VORTEX selected, installed and successfully commissioned water chlorination system on incoming raw water for Coca-Cola’s new production plant. Also, VORTEX got an order on mechanical treatment of water turbidity for mineral water production at Coca-Cola.

Group Cobra

VORTEX offered complete engineering services to Cobra. Our task was to find a solution to long-term standing problem of measuring turbidity in incoming potable water.VORTEX found a reason for impossibility of measuring turbidity, designed custom engineering solution, installed and successfully commissioned the system. The system works fully in automatic mode, measures turbidity of water with … Continued


VORTEX selected, delivered, and successfully commissioned Ultrafiltration system for one of the oldest and outstanding with its quality, Georgian brewery ARGO.From a source water, contaminated with high amount of silt, which made it impossible to measure SDI (silt density index), we turned the SDI index into 1.1, in combination with minimum hourly supply of water … Continued